Mid Day Show with “JC”

On Air:

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Completing the the Capital Country daily line up is JC, who is on the air  mid day from 10a – 2p.


Too many thoughts on it, but all around – wish it never happened. It really brought out people’s character which was not good, hopefully it opened eyes to want to change and better themselves and treat other’s better as well. I still didn’t get the mad dash to get more “toilet paper”…cause when you get sick you ain’t eating nothing. thus nothing coming out…hello.

Capital Country?

Throughout my broadcasting career, I’ve worked in different radio formats: Rock, Classic Rock, Christian, Urban, Hot AC, and a couple country stations. Coming to Capital Country only enhances my career to become better, the music flow, the area, and most of all – the people. Connecting with your audience is always the best and being new to the area makes it that more exciting to be part of a great organization with awesome country music.

Favorite Movie/Show, seen during the pandemic?

Hello? Pandemic…couldn’t go anywhere haha. With all that the pandemic changed, going to the movies isn’t fun any more. You can’t run around and sit where you want to sit, just not like the good ole’ days. So, with that said, just chillin at home watching dvd’s and even VHS (yes, I still watch them) was cool. I’m a Hobbit fan and Star Wars fan, so those I watched over and over.

Favorite New Recipe, during the pandemic?

Recipe…? What is this strange thing you speak of haha. Basically, what ever is in the fridge – that’s it. Just make it and much out, haha. I can make a mean bowl of cereal and toast on the crispy side lol.

Top 5 songs your playlist right now?

I’ll have to get back with you this…just too many cool songs to choose from plus my CD player needs its batteries changed haha.

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